Census Records and Family Trees

If you fancy finding out more about your family tree thendelving into the past will be essential in order to piece vitalsnippets of information together. Finding out more about yourfamily past can reveal all sorts of information that may otherwisehave remained undiscovered. People research their family tree forlots of different reasons; simply to find out more about theirheritage or to establish a family history for present and futuregenerations to reference. Whatever the reason, learning more aboutyour family history is an interesting process that can now be fullycompleted online thanks to numerous pieces of documentation, suchas Census records, which can be accessed digitally. Piecingtogether a family tree yourself would necessitate many hours ofresearch and recording of information therefore it is advisable toenlist the help of a professional ancestry research organisation.This helps you to save time as well as helping to ensure theinformation you discover is accurate and reliable. There are manyorganisations that can help you to accurately establish yourancestry, many of which operate online so you can complete thewhole process from the comfort of your own home. Before researchingyour family history, a great starting point is to speak to livingrelatives. This can give you information on which to base yoursearch and is a great way to kick-start the process. By talkingwith family members, you may discover someone in your family hasalready done some of their own research that you can build upon.Start with the eldest members of your family who can tell you allabout the generations before. Family heirlooms and photo albums areideal to help you along the way and looking through these bits andbobs can be an interesting way to gather together information whichwill be valuable when completing your online search. When it comesto conducting online research, Census records are a main source ofinformation for family historians. Census records can help you todiscover your ancestor’s parents and siblings, find theiraddresses and chart their lives. Census records for England andWales from 1841 to 1911 are available online and can be accessedvia The National Archives in the United Kingdom. It is usually freeto search for specific findings but there may be a charge to viewfull transcriptions and download documents. If you are using afamily history and genealogy website to help build your family treethan it is worth noting that not all of these organisations mayhave access to the complete 1841-1911 Censuscollection. Make sure you check this point before decidingwhich organisation you are going to use to help with your quest. Ifyou want to search back further than 1841 than you will need to usea family history website which has access to parish records.