Big change in Google Maps – The new impressive function that we will see on our mobiles

The Immersive View for Routes function is arriving in more and more cities, making users’ lives significantly easier. The convenience that Google Maps has offered to drivers is indisputable, as it allows them – among other things – to easily move to an unknown destination, know how long their journey will take, and also be … Read more

Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: Google’s new flagships are “smart” and have incredible cameras

Google has officially announced the Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro. Through the special event that is currently taking place live on YouTube, the company has finally revealed its two new flagships. The big card for Google this year is the new Tensor G3 chipset based on the 4mm architecture, which features a … Read more

What someone sees in Apple VisionPro

Are you planning to buy a helmet to wear on your head to look at alternate realities through tiny screens placed right in front of your eyes? What do you mean “no”? Some of the world’s biggest companies have invested billions thinking you can’t wait. Or that you’ll be looking forward to soon, anyway. The … Read more

The Rise Of Blu-ray


For millions of people a great Saturday night in means settlingdown to watch their favourite movie on the small screen. But nomatter what movie is playing there is always the wish that it couldlook and sound better.The way we watch movies at home has undergone a radicaltransformation over the past 10 years with people constantlylooking … Read more

Act quickly and sell phones as soon as you upgrade your mobile


In the UK alone there are well over 20 million mobile handsetsthat are upgraded annually.The environmental necessity to recyclemobiles is one that is increasing rapidly especially with theincrease of new technology. If you have already upgraded yourmobile phone recently and still have an old handset lying unused inyour home then you need to know that … Read more

Can Anyone Steal the iPod Mantle? “


How often do you hear someone referring to MP3 players as iPodsnow? Do you find that sometimes if you’re reminding somebody tobring certain items with them as they’re going somewhere you tellthem not to forget their iPod rather than saying their music playeror MP3 player? If so, you’re not alone: nowadays, it’s becomingincreasingly common to … Read more

Mobile Phone Plans, Choose the best Deal


Mobile phone was developed to be one of the most important partsof life. Most companies require their leaders to have a mobilephone. Even individuals need mobile phones in addressing theirdaily lives. This is why acquiring this vital electronic devicecalls for intelligence in order to refrain from inappropriatespending. Finding the right mobile plan is a pre-requisite … Read more

Canon Powershot S90 – For shutter bug freaks


Canon PowerShot S90 is designed for photography enthusiasts andit comes at a premium. The camera gives tons of features though;you won’t find such good semimanual and manual shootingmodes. The photo quality and lens are stellar. Performance however,is a bit let down, especially when you compare it with a dSLR.Design: Canon powershot s90 has a box … Read more