Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: Google’s new flagships are “smart” and have incredible cameras

Google has officially announced the Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro. Through the special event that is currently taking place live on YouTube, the company has finally revealed its two new flagships. The big card for Google this year is the new Tensor G3 chipset based on the 4mm architecture, which features a … Read more

What someone sees in Apple VisionPro

Are you planning to buy a helmet to wear on your head to look at alternate realities through tiny screens placed right in front of your eyes? What do you mean “no”? Some of the world’s biggest companies have invested billions thinking you can’t wait. Or that you’ll be looking forward to soon, anyway. The … Read more

Rent or Buy HD Video Camera


If you are new to HD video cameras , you’ve probably found yourself wondering if you really need to have one around.  For a majority of people , a HD video camera represents the best way to capture memories and pictures with the best technology available today.For producers or those looking to start their own … Read more

Digital TVs, beginning of a new era


Quality is the main aim of the Digital TVs. You cannot expectthe distortion in the audio and the blurred video in the DigitalTVs. This superb technology provides the better audio and audio aswell with its shigh technology. High defination TV, standarddefination TV and the enhanced defination TV are the varieties ofthese Digital Television One might … Read more

The Rise Of Blu-ray


For millions of people a great Saturday night in means settlingdown to watch their favourite movie on the small screen. But nomatter what movie is playing there is always the wish that it couldlook and sound better.The way we watch movies at home has undergone a radicaltransformation over the past 10 years with people constantlylooking … Read more

Advantages of Camera Rentals in Today’s Times


Infrared cameras are something that you can use in many cases,whether it is testing or other applications like energy audits andmuch more. However, because of their high prices, they are usedsparingly and only when needed. This limits photographers intoclicking only when there is a need, and not when they have anopportunity to do so. Although … Read more