Big change in Google Maps – The new impressive function that we will see on our mobiles

The Immersive View for Routes function is arriving in more and more cities, making users’ lives significantly easier. The convenience that Google Maps has offered to drivers is indisputable, as it allows them – among other things – to easily move to an unknown destination, know how long their journey will take, and also be … Read more

Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: Google’s new flagships are “smart” and have incredible cameras

Google has officially announced the Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro. Through the special event that is currently taking place live on YouTube, the company has finally revealed its two new flagships. The big card for Google this year is the new Tensor G3 chipset based on the 4mm architecture, which features a … Read more

HTC Wildfire – Simply Amazing


The new generation HTC Wildfire Mobile Phone is sure to steal you heart and mind away! Dazzled by the extravagantly designed features and specifications of this HTC Wildfire Mobile Phone you definitely cannot resist this phone. This pure indulgence is now easy for you to grab on and take the pleasure off! The HTC Wildfire … Read more

HTC Flyer Tablet – All That You Always Wanted


The all new HTC Flyer Tablet has just hit the market with its highly extravagantly designed features and apps. With a high competitive edge , this HTC Flyer Tablet has managed to maintain a top notch position in the market. This phone has been one of the greatest boons to the mobile phone industry and … Read more

You will be get Bowled over by the design of BlackBerry Bold 9650


This is for the BlackBerry watchers who have been waiting forRIM (Research in Motion) – the Canadian phone makers – to surprisethem with something bold in nature and BlackBerry Bold 9650 offerthe same boldness you could expect from a smartphone.This isn’t a paradigm shift for the mobile makers, they havebeen making premium mobile phones from … Read more

The wave of Christmas brings Cheap Samsung Wave S8500 contract phones


The handset market is swelling and all the leading mobile phonemanufacturers want to penetrate as deep as they can to gain fromthe promising mobile handset market.The leading mobile phone makers are thus offering economicaldeals and cheap contract phone offers to the customers to add themto their customer base. In the same way Samsung mobile phone … Read more

Are Mobile Phone Apps Changing Mobile Use?


A few years ago, the best a mobile phone could do was make phonecalls and send text messages. A few years later, music capabilitiesentered, as well as gaming opportunities and, after that, thechance to take pictures and send them to your contacts.That was impressive then. Now all of these features and morecome as standard on … Read more

HTC vs iPhone


With Android phones now beginning to overtake Apple’s iPhone inpower and customisation, new models like the HTC Desire areproviding tough competition for iPhone users. The HTC Desire is insome ways a modified version of Google’s Nexus One phone, due toboth being manufactured by HTC, but its streamlined interface andwealth of applications and features makes the … Read more