Capture Anything on your Screen with Movavi Screen Capture

Movavi Screen Capture enables you to record anything and everything that’s happening on your computer screen – no matter whether you’re playing videos , working with applications , or just browsing the web. Absolutely everything is captured , down to the last pixel , and stored in a video format that you can edit for further customization. Screencasts can be saved to a wide variety of different media formats for playback using your favorite software or standalone media player or any video-capable mobile device. Movavi Screen Capture records streaming video without restrictions , making it ideal for creating tutorials because it records exactly what you are doing on the screen. Those tutorials can be directly shared on YouTube and other video-sharing sites thanks to Movavi’s support for streaming formats like FLV.The high quality of Movavi Screen Capture videos ensure that tutorial viewers can clearly see every word and every button on the screen. You can even record and add your own narration. You can also use Movavi Screen Capture to record video games , applications , online conversations – anything you want. More than just screen capture , the software lets you edit and enhance your screencasts using a variety of professional-grade tools. You can use these tools to apply different effects to your screencasts or overlay subtitles and music or even record sounds from games and other applications. Movavi Screen Capture supports saving videos for over 180 different devices. Movavi Screen Capture is great value for money. Despite costing less than half the price of a typical screen capture program , it delivers professional , high-quality results , so it’s ideal for home users , non-profits , and schools as well as business users. With its wide range of features and unlimited recording time , the software still provides the tools that professionals need.With its full set of editing features in addition to its unrestricted abilities to capture whatever’s happening on your computer screen , Movavi Screen Capture will bring a whole new level of sophistication to business presentations , video productions , blog postings , instructional materials , and more. There is simply no other way to record screencasts as cheaply and with so much functionality as Movavi Screen Capture. Don’t let your creativity be limited by the standard tools – with Movavi Screen Capture , you’ll get professional results every time – in no time! The multi-format , professional-quality video converter means your output will be compatible with almost any device.To learn more about Movavi Screen Capture and see samples and screenshots , visit the Movavi Screen Capture website at , where you can also download and purchase the software.