If you intend to buy red wine via online medium, you ought to beaware of the many varieties starting from top quality Spanish winesto cheaper low quality beverage. It is true that online trade is areality and we have to believe somebody to get a commodity. At thesame time, there are traders that want to make quick money anddisappear from the scene and emerge again in some other name. Youmay order for fine Burgundy 1985 and will get instead a Merlot of2013. It is true that there are no specific directions to identifythe fakes when you Buy Wine Online but it will bebetter to avoid those sites that offer freebies and sporting lotsof advertisements. For those ardent lovers of wine, there cannot bea better present than to get a bottle of fine Burgundy. If you wantto bring smiles on faces of those near and dear ones, there cannotbe a better option than ordering a bottle of WineOnline. Be it Christmas or a birthday, a wine lover willcherish this as a great gift. However, the product you get shouldbe of high quality. There are plenty of shops offering the bestwines from all parts of the world. As there is no need tophysically visit a shop, you can do this from your home leisurelyand find out the best bargain. The most important factor that youshould look for when you decide to buy red wine is its body type.By body type we mean such things like the alcohol content, its age,tannin structure and the feel that you get in your mouth when youtaste it. Generally, it can be classified as full, medium andlight. When you get a full one, it will have the highest alcoholcontent and are dark in red color. They have the best texture asyou feel them in your mouth. They are made from some of the bestgrapes in the world. You will find these qualities reduced as yougo for medium and light ones. The best of the wines are produced inAustralia and Spain. World’s oldest wineries are in Spain andthere are many varieties available in Australia. There are winesthat are few centuries old and to buy red wine of that vintage willcost a fortune. At the best, you can opt for three year old fullbodied ones like zinfandel, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Blendslike Burgundy, Merlot or Cabernet-Merlot are very popular among theconnoisseurs of the best wine. If you want fruitier taste, it willbe better to go for freshly brewed varieties.>