Best Tips on Selecting Mobile Apps Developer

The platform represents the entire aspects of the development or it can be considered as the engine that creates the App and keeps the App operating in a very dynamic environment. A significant amount of hardware as well as operating system level change will take place in the Smartphone market every 90 days.The mobile App platform is passing through enormous growth. It is observing tremendous demand from countries like USA , UK , Australia and Europe for producing valuable apps which will be run on the phone. The smart phone has created an opportunity for the new apps development companies. However the numbers of new app developers are available today are definitely not in short supplies but choosing the right one is going to be a challenging part. For selecting a web designer which works in to one accepted language which is HTML and also works on the platform called World Wide Web which is reaching millions of web users , but the case of mobile Apps is going to be completely different. Today , there are seven languages and four major popular platforms available for mobile app development which reaches about 90% of Smartphone users in all with each operating system is having about equal share and most of the platforms does not reach more than 25% of mobile users base.Today , there are plenty of mobile app developers available and most common type of mobile app developer is the one who is capable of writing code in various different languages for each of the platform available today like iPhone , Android , and Windows Phone one at a time. If your aim is to build mobile apps to be published to almost all devices then there will be many sets of code need to be written using separate languages. If you have plan such a way that a content will come from the integration of your existing content management system , then you also need to take care of an additional “integration bridges” to be maintained in all the languages or multiple entry to update data using a single portal or via multiple portals manually. If you plan for updating the App in any way that each instance of the code gets effected or they have to be changed and then recompiled it and resubmitted it to each App store for the further approval.The sad thing is that , this will not only takes too much of a time , but often , end users will never show interest in downloading and updating the App so you will have multiple versions with some dated and some of them are outdated in the marketplace at the same time. Most mobile app development outsourcing companies offers this type of development services due to limited experience in the Mobile App industry or their inability to invest lot of money into a platform which requires best infrastructure in advance of Mobile App demand.Copyright © 2011