Best Replacement for Your Windows Task Management Tool is Auslogics Task Manager

Ever wonder about what really goes on in your computer’s “brain”? Especially when you try to do something on it , while your machine hesitates for a moment and you know that there is something happening in the background. Whenever you are busy with one task on your computer , your system is doing a number of tasks at the same time. Most of the processes that run on your machine at any given moment are necessary for its proper operation and for fulfilling whatever job you are doing on it. However , sometimes there may be a process or two that unnecessarily slow you down or that are plain dangerous.How do you know what is what? Windows Task Manager will show you a list of applications and processes that run on your computer , but it will not give you the details or a safety rating like Auslogics Task Manager will. Wouldn’t you want to know if a process with a funky name is actually a virus working in the background to gather your confidential information and transmit it over the Internet? Auslogics Task Manager provides you not only with a list of applications and processes running on your computer , it also rates them as trustworthy , unknown or dangerous , allowing you to easily check the latter two on the Internet. Besides showing applications and processes , along with CPU , memory , disk and network usage by them , Auslogics Task Manager lists Windows services and even locked files. This may not be something a novice would use , but it is a very helpful feature for someone more familiar with Windows o peration. You can easily stop and start services right from the program , as well as see what applications files are locked by and , if needed , unlock them with a click of a button.Auslogics Task Manager , like all Auslogics products , has a very user-friendly interface , which is easy to navigate for people used to the Windows Task Manager. However , unlike the native Windows tool , it provides much better functionality , more information and the power to control locked files and services and to easily kill whatever memory and resource hogs the program uncovers. With a quick and simple tool like this , you are totally in control of what goes on inside your computer.