Baby Wipes Restore Old Furniture!

It may be widespread knowledge that baby wipes do a great job oneveryday tasks like dusting and cleaning spills.Did you know theydo wonders getting grime off old furniture?Eureka!One day I was cleaning in my son’s room and grabbed a babywipe to get some dusting done.As I started rubbing some of thedarker stains on his chair, I saw the dark residue was comingclean.I thought little of it, but made a mental memo to get theappropriate cleaner later.Wipes Work Better than Store-Bought CleanerAfter a ride to the home improvement store, I returned with acleaner made to remove old residue from furniture.I used thestore-bought cleaner, but was let down to see the stains were notcoming off, even with intense scrubbing.So I tried the baby wipesagain and was so overwhelmed with the results, I had to take somepictures to share.The usefulness of baby wipes is endless.I cannot tell you ifother brands work well, but I was using Huggies Natural Care.Theyare the only product I found that removes mother’s milkstains from my floor; and now, look at this, they restore oldfurniture!