Auslogics Duplicate File Finder: Delete Duplicate Files for Free

There comes a time when your hard drive becomes so full that there is hardly any space left – you can’t install new software and you even can’t defrag because there is not enough free space. When this happens , a lot of people panic and start uninstalling software and deleting files. As a result they end up deleting something they really need. Of course , you could always move your files to an external hard drive or even use Cloud storage , but that’s not always convenient. Luckily , there is a better way to free up disk space without having to move or delete any useful files or software – all you need to do is delete duplicate files with Auslogics Duplicate File Finder. With the help of this software you can free up a lot of valuable disk space without any hassle.If you are an active computer user , then most likely you create a lot of files. You save documents in MS Word and Excel , download songs , videos , photos , and software. After all , that’s what using your computer is all about. However , this leads to a low disk space problem , especially if you accumulate duplicate files. These files get created in a few different ways. Sometimes we forget that we’ve downloaded something off the Internet , download it again , and save it to a different folder. So you end up with two copies of the same file. Other times you edit a document and save a second version without deleting the first one. Believe it or not , duplicate files can take up gigabytes of space and also make you less productive because you need to do more work when searching for the right versions.There is another reason for you to delete duplicate files. When you accumulate too many duplicate files , your computer starts slowing down. That’s because the more files there are , the longer your hard drive needs to find the files you want to open. On top of that , your antivirus has to do more work if it has to scan duplicate files , and disk defrag takes a lot longer. Deleting duplicate files with the free Auslogics Duplicate File Finder will not only free up disk space , but also improve computer performance.Auslogics Duplicate File Finder will quickly scan your computer for duplicate files and present you with a list. The great thing about this program is that it’s free and can match files by a number of parameters , including by content. This way you can be sure that only true duplicates are deleted. There is also a handy preview feature that allows you to preview the duplicates you are about to delete.Remember to search for duplicate files every once in a while and you’ll find that you have more free disk space than you thought.