All Your System Configuration Info at Your Fingertips with Auslogics System Information

When buying a computer , you usually pay attention to such things as the size of memory and hard drive , the CPU speed , the kind of video card or number of USB ports. You probably analyze and compare lots of configuration options before you find that perfect system with a balance of price and functionality. If it’s been a while , or if you didn’t go into these details when computer-shopping , or you are using a computer you didn’t buy (one at work or a donated one) , chances are you have no idea what your system specs are. And you may not even care , not until a situation comes up when you are asked some questions. Such situations would include downloading a program with strict minimum system requirements , or buying new hardware for your computer when you need to be sure it will be compatible.Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have one source you could go to whenever you needed any kind of information about your computer system? Yes it would , and what’s more , such a source already exists. It is Auslogics System Information , and it is something you can download and install today to get answers to any questions about your computer system configuration.Auslogics System Information scans your system and gathers detailed specs of all its components , displaying them in an easy-to-read format. It will tell you everything about your CPU , motherboard , memory , video card , hard drives and any devices connected to your computer. It will also provide details on your operating system (including any updates you’ve installed) and all software applications and drivers installed on your computer. To put you in control of system resource usage , the program will provide comprehensive graphs showing processes running , CPU load and memory consumption.The system analysis Auslogics System Information conducts is probably the most complete and thorough of any similar utility on the market today. Any little detail you may ever need to know about your system configuration , this application has it covered. Not only will it make all of this info available to you , but it will let you save a detailed report in a choice of formats , which can be sent to your tech support whenever there is a problem with your computer. This report will provide your technician with all the necessary info to help find a solution to your problem. So whenever you have a question about anything that’s installed in/on your computer or is going on inside it , Auslogics System Information will more than likely have an answer for you.